Benefits to enterprise

We can bring huge Benefits to enterprise


Cost Saving   

On-demand system development cost.

50% cost saving during design &development cycle.

80% cost saving on maintenance.


Optimization of IT budget

20/80 rule, 20% of IT budget to clean 80% backlog.

Re-born of abandoned system.

Justification for miscellaneous & long tail requirements.


Continuous improvement

Complete management PDCA cycle to improve efficiency and quality process .


Focus on business

Be human, Be Robot.

Employee focus on business & robot takes care of ruled and repetitive works.


Time to market

1000 times of programming speed.

10 times of speed to system development cycle.

Significant improvement of communication on requirement collection and system design.


Best practice application & design spec.

Agile, lean, fit to growth of enterprise software.

Accumulate & reuse of soft-print.

Best practice design spec commodity available.